Eclectic artist

Active musician

Always searching and learning

To get together

I will never stop learning

The learning process is reflected in the way we sound.

I chose to live through music. I like to know it and recognize it in its various forms.

I am extremely interested in humans, their way of being and expressing themselves.

I love to observe and listen to how people show, transform and translate what they have inside.

Control, present and thermodynamics of bonds

Thinking and writing

When you are nowhere else but here. You are not in another place, you are not in another time. There you can stare straight into the eyes and get in touch with the other. Or at least question them and invite them to the present.

When you cannot be here. The gaze is lost, it does not point anywhere, the body is uncomfortable, the words border on the subject and lose meaning.

You want to be in the present, but you want to be in the present of a future. A future that is in your imagination and therefore that present does not exist. You miss the tangible, because you find it very abstract to perceive what is closer, what is more immediate.

The power is so great that you are afraid of being electrocuted. You think that the slightest contact can become an electroshock. But you are already paralyzed long before anything happens.

And you stay there, inert, passive spectator of life, of your own life. The one that should have been yours and was not. Because you were afraid to suffer it, you did not live it.

Dare to do the most ridiculous, the most uncomfortable, the most risky. Do not stop feeling. Don’t be afraid to be there, to be here. Take off that prejudice. Undress that heavy armor of pretensions and calculations.

Kiss her. Or don’t kiss her, but give yourself to her so that she can do it. But do it because you want to. Do not reject her. Do not reject yourself. Integrate yourself. Don’t suffer xenophobia of yourself.


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Sound Designer

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How did she get into music?

  • When she was 8 years old she received a Guitar for Christmas.

What education did she have?

  • She started in a state program and studied there for 3 years.
  • She continued with guitar in a private way.
  • She graduated from Music Production at the ORT Technical School in 2007. There she met incredible musicians and was stage assistant for Zarabairas and Klauss.
  • She took private piano lessons with Christian Vizcalaza and then with Demián Sielecki with whom she also studied music pedagogy from Violeta Hemsy de Gainza.
  • She then studied Electronic Arts at UNTreF and participated in research projects, wrote articles and presented at congresses with Fabián Luna for 4 years.
  • She took private piano lessons with Mono Fontana and sound synthesis with Ernesto Romeo.
  • She collaborated in the construction of the recording studio La Siesta del Fauno where she worked as an assistant and later as a sound engineer.
  • She was part of the Audiovisual Department at ORT.
  • She studied Composition at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory with maestro Ricardo Capellano.
  • She took classes on Management and Communication with Leandro Frías, Facebook with Joaquín, Digital Marketing with Aymará Pedrueza, Thinking and Writing with Agustín Valle.
  • She studied Piano at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory with Mariana Bollero and Horacio Mato.
  • She attended the Musical Arrangements Workshop with Javier Mareco.
  • She took guitar lessons with Luciana Torfano.
  • She participated for many years in choirs of Fernando Polonuer and Cecilia Gross.
  • She took singing lessons with Ruth Curiel and Bárbara Togander, among others.

In which musical projects is she currently participating?

In which musical projects did she participate?

  • La Negra Nieves
  • Inclan Funk
  • The nenas
  • Provisorio
  • Enoverol
  • The Flooxies
  • Ferdixx
  • Jaime Wilensky

What are her main goals?

  • What matters most to her about music is to be able to share it, offering the best results of all the processes she has lived through. To keep growing and cultivating more musics and also more people making music with a direct connection.

What is the best thing about teaching?

  • The most beautiful thing about teaching is getting to know a person and being able to see their personality through music. It is also very interesting to experience the processes of growth, the emergence of their musicality, the mastery of the instruments, their body and communication. She loves to see people expressing themselves, being them, through sounds.

What does she love most about making music?

  • What she loves most about making music is being present. Music and sound are only possible in time. Time has to be inhabited, and since we perceive music as sound, it is acoustic and cannot be trapped. It must be done in real time, you have to be there, you have to be concentrated, connected, attentive. It is a refuge that protects us from the past and the future, but that nevertheless happens thanks to all of this and also helps us to transit them better and to know ourselves better. Allowing us to see with our eyes closed.

An anecdote.

  • Her musical debut was at the Teatro Colón under the direction of Claudio Chirio in 1999 playing the guitar together with children from the whole elementary school.

Who do you like to work with?

  • She likes to work with people of any age who are looking for something they know they don’t know and choose to develop patience, constancy, self-knowledge; they investigate, propose, ask, question, debate and accept the game.
How did you he into music?


  • When he was 11 years old it was required a fumigation job in El Castillo and he became very interested in the Recording Studio room. His performance was so great that the artistic workshop complex was renamed Casa DeLito in his honor.

What studies did he have?

  • He attended multiple classes in piano, charango bass, music production, singing, band rehearsals and so on that happened at Miel Producciones since 2016.

What musical projects is he currently involved in?

  • He currently participates in so many projects that it is difficult to list them. He always assists each production playing keyboards, mixers, generating novel effects and organizing the timing.

What are his main goals?

  • His main goal is to become the longest-lived musical cat ever, since he is 18 years old and still has a very jovial image and a very fresh attitude.

What is the best thing about teaching?

  • The best thing about teaching is actually to inhabit that moment and share it, to be able to perceive oneself.

What do you enjoy most about making music?

  • What he enjoys most about making music and playing many musical instruments is that people pay attention to him and want to see him, come up to him, comment on him, pet him and let him climb on them.

Interesting/funny anecdote

  • He knows how to use the toilet. He is the most hygienic cat known in the world.

What profile of student do you expect or like to work with?

  • He expects students who know how to stop and contemplate, open their perception and sensitivity and caress it.

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Koala Live in Buenos Aires 2022

Composer, singer, keyboardist

Koala currently has a duo formation, piano, drums and vocals. But in this concert they were invited guests.
A musician who played Viola, water flute and Pythagorean harp.
There were also 2 dancers and 1 actor.
The compositions are very eclectic but ultimately songs that seek to communicate in a popular language.
Watch the Concert


Piano and Violin Compositions

Acufénix is a music Album composed by Rosángela Pérez Molero and Melisa Aguilera for piano and violin.

Listen to on Soundcloud


Non edited music

Bolsa | Garbage Bag


Musical Interpretation

Watch her Covers Playlist on Youtube

She plays the charango, guitar, piano, «bombo legüero» and sings.


His mother

He is 7 years old, plays the drum, piano, bombo legüero, sings, compose and improvise alone and with friends.

Watch him playing compositions, covers, improvising.

Andrés Andrada

Music Production, arrangement and mixing


Mixed the full album in two versions


Recording, editing and mixing the full album

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